বিষয় : Bt brinjal
বিস্তারিত :Why choose brinjal as the first genetically engineered food crop?


Brinjal is a vegetable that is very popular in Asian countries such as Bangladesh, India, the Philippines and China. It is grown year round mainly by small family farms in these countries and is an important source of nutrition and income for many resource poor farmers. Suppling about 25 calories per serving with virtually no fat, the vegetable is a staple in vegetarian diets throughout South Asia and is one of the cheapest vegetables to procure by resource poor communities. However, a large percentage of the crop does not make it to the market because of Fruit and Shoot Borer (FSB) infestation that can render as much as 70% of the crop unusable. This results in an immense drain on the income of small and medium farmers not only from the loss in marketable yield, but also from the large amounts spent on pesticide sprays in an attempt to curb infestation. The unrestrained spraying of chemical pesticides adversely affects the health of farmers and farm workers. Also, pesticide redidues from such concentrated use tend to remain for longer periods on the vegetable, ultimately affecting consumers' health.