বিষয় : Trips and pod borer
বিস্তারিত :Thrips and pod borer infestation in mungbean and blackgram is a major problem in Bangladesh. What are the remedies for that ?


Flower thrips (Megalurothrips distalis):

Spraying with crushed neem seed extracts @ 50 g/litre or two sprays with Imidachloprid (Imitaf 20 SL) @ 0.5 ml/litre of water at flowering stage can give effective control.


Pod borers

Because of hidden nature of larval stage (the damaging stage) and pupal stage it is difficult to control by chemical or other conventional means. Two to three spray with Emamectin Benzoate (Proclaim 5 SG) @ 1 g/litre or Lamda-Cyhalothrin (Reeva 2.5 EC) @ 0.5 ml/litre of water starting from flowering stage.

Pulse Research Centre, BARI, Gazipur.