বিষয় : Need help in cultivating Garlic
বিস্তারিত :I would like to grow Garlic. I do not have sufficient knowledge about that. I need consultation regarding this such as - - i) Where will get the high yielding seeds (like BARI- 1 or 2) ? ii)Selection of variety, probable infection, Advance nurturing etc. I need total consultation for that. I would like to get the next session and planned for 5 acres. Hope I will get the help. I appreciate your help. Thanks


You can cultivate Garlic in your home town. Garlic is frost hardy plant requiring cool and moist period during growth and relatively dry period during maturity of bulb. Bulbing takes place during longer days and at high temperature, exposure to low temperature subsequent to bulb formation, favours the process. The critical day length for bulbing of 12 hrs, along with, temperature also affects bulbing. Exposures of dormant cloves or younger plants to temperature of around 200C or lower depending upon varieties for 1-2 months hastens subsequent bulbing.


I think you region may have aforementioned condition during mid October to December.

Spices Research Centre
BARI, Gazipur