বিষয় : hydrophony
বিস্তারিত :Sir, take my salam. I am interested to establish a Hydroponic Vegetable garden. But till now i didn't got any effective suggestion. Now i am here to you. Can tell me where i can get a training on this and from where i can collect the Metrs & Liquid.


Hydroponic Cultivation: Hydroponics is a technology for growing plants in nutrient solutions with or without the use of an artificial medium to provide mechanical support. Liquid hydroponic systems have no other supporting medium for the plant roots. Advantage: • Year round and off season production • No agriculture land is required. Open space, up stair, window space can be used • Pesticide free production • Early production than soil cultivation • 2-3 times higher yield than, soil cultivation Crops can be grown in hydroponic cultivation: Tomato, Capsicum, Lettuce, Straw berry, Cucumber, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Marigold, Crysanthonum and Rose. Usually two ways of hydroponic cultivation 1. Circulating system: Certain amount of essential nutrient element mix with water thoroughly and circulate it with a pump. It is necessary to circulate water solution at least 7-8 hours for better oxygen supply 2. Non-circulating system: Nutrient elements mix with water thoroughly but no need pump for circulation. However, it is necessary to make a space in between cork sheet and water level for better aeration. We can use plastic bucket, water bottle, earthen pot etc. in this system. At present, we have no training schedule for hydroponics.