বিষয় : anti-nutritinal compounds
বিস্তারিত :What are the anti-nutritional compounds affect negatively in the nutritive value of pulses ? How can we reduce the toxicity of anti-nutritional compounds ?


Pulses have some anti-nutritional compounds like trypsin inhibitors, lectins, polyphenolic compounds, tannins, phytic acids, flatulence factors and allergens. In lathyrus, higher level of ODAP causes lathyrism in human and livestock. Again in pea, chickpea and blackgram has pectin like compounds which may cause allergic effect on certain individuals. The toxicity of these anti-nutritional compounds can be reduced by cooking or roasting because these compounds are heat liable. Steeping in water also can reduce many antinutritional factors in some extent.


Pulse Research Centre, BARI, Gazipur.