বিষয় : Pulse production
বিস্তারিত :What are the major problems for pulse production in Bangladesh


The major problems of pulses production in Bangladesh are diseases, insects, drought, excess soil moisture, salinity etc. More than 125 diseases and 30 insect pests attack pulse crops in every year that limit seed yield as well as deteriorate seed quality. Now a day, some minor diseases are also becoming a major threat due to influence of changing environment.  Besides these, pulses are highly sensitive to microclimate changes and can not tolerate extreme heat or cold temperature which has been prevailing in some regions of Bangladesh in recent years that also might be due to the consequences of global climate change. Again the productivity of these crops is low compared to other cereal crops like rice, maize, wheat etc. because of their inherent low yield potentiality. Moreover, negative response to high management practices (irrigation, fertilizer application etc.) also can reduce yield.


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