বিষয় : virus disease
বিস্তারিত :How can we manage Yellow Mosaic Virus disease of mungbean


The most economic and sustainable strategy to control Yellow Mosaic Virus (YMV) is use of resistant/tolerant variety (BARI Mung-5 and BARI Mung-6) along with cultural practices includes roughing of virus infected plant and removal of alternate hosts. Adjustment of sowing date is an effective approach in reducing the incidence of YMV through escaping the disease. Foliar sprays with Admire 200 SL (Imidachlorpid) @ 0.25 ml/litre, 2 to 3 times following 7-10 days interval from the first sign of disease appear is likely to have fair to good control when continued to harvest. Thorough coverage of the plants is required.


Pulse Research Centre