বিষয় : Where to buy
বিস্তারিত :Dear Sir, I want to know that from where I can collect the plant of Passion Fruit,Sweet Lime,Bari Sweet Orange,Velvet Apple,Rambutan & Sweet tamarind. i am interested to purchase. Thanking you in anticipation of kind cooperation. Best Regards Kashru Parvez


ï» You can collect graft/seedling of BARI Passion Fruit-1, BARI Sweet lime-1, BARI Sweet Orange-1, BARI Velvet Apple-1 and BARI Sweet tamarind-1 (except Rambutan) from Pomology Division, Horticulture Centre, BARI, Gazipur. in a small quantity.

Horticulture Research Centre. BARI, Gazipur.