বিষয় : mustard
বিস্তারিত :effect of fog weather on production of bari-9 & bari-15 mustard cultivation.


BARI Sarisha-9 and BARI Sarisha-15 are under the species of Brassica rapa. BARI Sarisha-9 is brown sarson and self-incompatible. BARI Sarisha-15 is yellow sarson and self-compatible. As a result, more than 80% cross pollination occurs in BARI Sarisha-9 and more than 80% self pollination occurs in BARI Sarisha-15. Honey bee is the major pollination of mustard. During foggy weather honey bees are not available in the mustard field. So, pollination is hampered in mustard during foggy weather. But BARI Sarisha-9 is more affected during foggy weather due to self-incompatibility than BARI Sarisha-15. Moreover, Alternaria Blight disease infection and aphids attack may be more in case of both varieties due to foggy weather.

Oil Seed Research Centre. BARI , Gazipur.