বিষয় : from where and how to collect BARI varities
বিস্তারিত :Dear Sir, I would like to collect the following BARI varieties: BARI mango-4, BARI jackfruit-2, BARI kamala-1. I will be glad if you kindly let me know from where I may collect the above mentioned varieties (I am residing at Comilla. Can I get those varieties at Regional Horticulture Research Station, Comilla?)


You can collect sapling of BARI Mango-4 from RHRS, Comilla. But this moment BARI Jackfruit-2 and BARI Kamala-1 are not available at BARI, Gazipur or RHRS Comilla. You can contact at the end of July, with HRS, BARI, Gazipur. Now, you can collect BARI Kamala-1 from Citrus Research Centre, Jaintapur, Sylhet and BARI Jackfruit-2 from Hill Agricultural Research Station Ramgarh, Khagrachari.