বিষয় : mite management of coconut with picture
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Mite management of coconut


Thank you for your interest in coconut mite. I don’t know what is your involvement in with coconut and what kind of slide you need. Normally no information passing out before final conclusion of results. I am Nazirul Islam conducting research on mite management in coconut. Pictures/Slides are made for presenting the ongoing result to convience the planners and donor, not suitable for public use. I am not sure for what purpose you need slides. We have leaflet you can use this for dissemination of results so far we have achieved. Please also contact Mr Ishqul Islam, Senior Scientific Officer, Entomology Division of Regional Agriculture Research Station, Khairtal Jessore. He is my working partner and he is quit capable to help you.



Horticulture Research Centre, BARI, Gazipur.