বিষয় : soil type and agricultural condition
বিস্তারিত :assalamualaikum sir. Can you please give me some information about soil type and agricultural condition of jaintapur upazila, sylhet. I urgently need it for preparing a report


The Jaintapur upazilla area comprises of the Surma-Kushiyara flood plain formed on sediments of the rivers draining into the Meghna catchment area of the hills. The area is mainly smooth, broad ridge and basins.

The area is occupied by grey, heavy silty clay loams on the ridges and clays in the basins. The general soil type is Non Calcareous Grey Floodplain. Organic matter content of the soil is low to medium, soil reaction ranges from strongly acidic to neutral Levels of CEC and Zn are medium. The status of  N, P is very low to low and K and B are low to medium.

Crop of the region is mainly Aman and Boro rice.


Soil Science Division, BARI, Gazipur.