বিষয় : Bt brinjal
বিস্তারিত :How does Bt technology differ from conventinal insecticides in controlling pests ?


Conventional insecticides are generally sprayed on the crops to destroy pests. The shortfalls in this system are many. Insecticidal sprays are effective only during a brief window between the hatching of larvae and its penetration into the fruit and shoot of the plant. Once the  larva bores into the plant, it is impervious to insecticidal sprays. To avoid this possibility, farmers tend to resort to saturation spraying, a process that not only adversely affects the environments, but also their health and that of the end consumers. These sprays also destroy non-agricultural plants and the local ecology. In Bt brinjal, the insecticidal protein is expressed by the plant itself and the borer is killed as it tries to bore into the plant. However, Bt brinjal is harmless to the beneficial insects and non-target organisms.