বিষয় : cultovation mathod
বিস্তারিত :need knowledge of jafran cultivation?


Soil : Well drained, Sandy to loam soil free from clay.
Climate : Dry temperate condions with annual rainfall < 40cm cool sunny situation between 1300-2300 m elevation.

Land preparation planting : soil is ploughed 25-30cm deep. planting is done july to mid august in small bed. ther corms are planted 12-18 cm x 15-20 cm aparts in rows.

Seed rate : 8 t/ha (corms >2.5cm diameter)
Manure and Fertilizer : FYM 15-22 t/ha, N50P10K50 kg/ha

Irrigation : Very light irrigation durny early autum

Crop ration : Uprooted every 4th harvest

Harvesing : The Flowering period starts during middle to late October and lates only until the 1st/2nd week of November. The flowers must be picked each morning before the sun gets too hot.

Yield : 1st year negligible, 3rd year 1800-2500 g/ha. Maximum yield upto 6kg/ha